medikall clean proof S is proven to be an effective disposable barrier for stethoscopes against germs. It doesn’t decrease the quality of auscultation, is easy to use, efficient through significant time saving and first of all: SAVE – for protecting patients and physicians


High contamination level despite continuous, professionally performed disinfection

A massive germ contamination of stethoscopes after 60 seconds of wipe disinfection according to the regulations was proven for the first time in a recent clinical study of the University of Pennsylvania. If the cleaning was not carried out according to the recommended standard routine, the germ load was even much higher at approx. 90%.

Stethoscope membrane shows the highest concentration of germs

Due to regular patient contact, the membrane of the stethoscope in particular is exposed to a high level of germs; despite proper cleaning, colony-forming germs repeatedly reach the membrane - up to 1000 units in one shift. In particular the dangerous MRSA pathogen has been detected on 70% of all stethoscopes.

High risk of cross-contamination

The journal of the prestigious Mayo Clinic notes that the contamination level of the stethoscope is significant after only one physical examination. The stethoscope is and remains a weak point in infection protection: even with proper equipment disinfection in conjunction with the strict hygiene regulations for hand disinfection there is a high risk of cross-contamination.

Source of information:  Cambridge University Press; NCBI; Sciencedirect

Our medikall clean 


For all-round protection, easy-to-clean chest pieces made of hand- polished, mirror finished chrome-plated brass are the first choice compared to stainless steel.

Careful hand hygiene in combination with the use of disposable medical gloves during any nursing, diagnostic or therapeutic activity on the patient considerably reduces contamination rates.

As a safe germ barrier, medikall clean proof S helps you to protect the membrane of your stethoscope from germ adhesion.


You and your patients are protected by the effective and safe germ barrier

time saving

You save significant time compared to conventional disinfection with exposure time

quality improvement

No losses in the quality of the auscultation

feeling of security

Give your patients the feeling of being in good hands

and easy to use

A perfect circle for better hygiene

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